Best Wired Mouse Under 500 In India [January 2022]

You are using a desktop computer, laptop or mobile phone means smartphone, or Smart tv then definitely once you used the mouse. If you are spending hours on a laptop or you are a person who loves to do coding, editing, or gaming you definitely need a good mouse.

So are you looking for a budget mouse so here we are present to you the best mouse under 500.

If you are looking for a proper gaming mouse or the best wireless mouse then probably you have spent thousands of rupees but if you are looking for the best in budget then this is for the best mouse under 500.

If you’re looking for a budget mouse under 500 RS and want to need a neutral conclusion, then you can have look at our top 3 recommendations on the curated list of 10 best wired mouse under 500 in India.

On What basis we choose Best Wired Mouse under 500

See there are lots of factors to research while choosing the perfect mouse like we can consider a company, product, quality, specs, what they are offering.

But while we are strict on a budget we have to add a budget also. We can not compare a 500 rupees mouse to a 5000 rs mouse because they are in different segments.

In consideration of the price tag of 500 Indian rupees, we have checked brands of mouse. This means we have lots of brands available in the market for example hp, Dell, Lenovo, Logitech, Cosmic byte etc.

10 Best Wired Mouse Under 500 in India

10 Logitech M90 Wired USB Mouse

best wired mouse under 500

Logitech makes the top-notch quality products in the world. If we talk about Logitech, its world-class manufactures of computer accessories and many products which can be useful in day to day life.

They produce high-quality gaming consoles, keyboards and mouse , starting price 7000 Indian rupees, But when it comes to budget buyers, it also makes a budget product with top-notch quality.

Logitech made quality mouse which we included in our the best wired mouse under 500 in India in our detailed reviews. Now coming to the product, it has 1000 DPI optical tracking sensors that give you a buttery smooth experience while using it.

The mouse comes with supports a USB 2.0 compatibility interface that you connect with multiple devices like PC, laptops, smartphones, even Mac, etc.

Thanks to its 3 button controls and a better soft grip gives you a better experience, while you are using this mouse even you use mouse for longer hours.

Thanks to its 3 years limited warranty given by the Logitech Company. You can claim under the warranty period.

Verdict: It is one of best wired mouse under 500 rupees that you can buy in this current year.

Technical Details

Colour‎Dark Grey
Item Height‎418.5 Centimeters
Item Width‎403.15 Centimeters
Product Dimensions‎430.71 x 403.15 x 418.5 cm; 82 Grams
Item model number‎910-001793
Processor Count‎1
Computer Memory Type‎DDR3 SDRAM
Wireless Type‎Radio Frequency
Voltage‎1.5 Volts
Hardware Platform‎PC
Operating System‎Windows 7
Are Batteries Included‎No


1000 DPI

Better Grip

3 Years Warranty

Doesn’t feel cheap



9 Lenovo 300 Wired Mouse

best mouse under 500

Lenovo 300 wired mouse is one of the best mouse under 500 rupees.Its look very elegant, At a first glance, it’s the eye cathy of that orange looking scroll button.

Talking to The Lenovo company it is a well-known brand in India, and you can find their lots of products like laptops, desktops, servers, printers, computer peripherals.

Thanks to its 3-buttons controlling system that is used for controlling the mouse and ease of use. This mouse comes with a better wire, not breaded but good quality.

Verdict: Overall, it comes with great aesthetics and looks, Mainly colour combination that makes it a good choice for office use, designing work, and basic gaming purposes.So wanna buy best wired mouse under 500, check the link below.

Technical Details

Model Year‎2017
Product Dimensions‎11.15 x 3.38 x 6.22 cm; 22.68 Grams
Item model number‎GX30M39704
Operating System‎Windows 10
Hardware Platform‎Laptop, PC
Hardware Interface‎USB
Compatible Devices‎USB
Special Features‎Clean and streamlined design, Simple mouse
Mounting Hardware‎Mouse
Colour Screen‎No
Batteries Included‎No
Batteries Required‎No
Connector Type‎USB


1600 DPI

Better Grip

1 Years Warranty

Great Looks



8 HP X1000 Wired Mouse

hp 1000 1

This is one of the great and small, comfortable mouse that you can buy for under 500 Indian rupees. When you look at this mouse very the first time, you will see a colour combination provided by the company.

Thanks to its soft and comfortable grip which is useful when you are using it all day long.

Its small, simple and elegant design and three buttons give you a better experience while doing your work. It accomplishes your all requirement and the price is very minimal.

It comes with a 1 Year of HP limited warranty. The overall looks and aesthetics best in the class.

Verdict: it is one of the best wired mouse in India as per the reviews. You can grab a better deal for this mouse from the below button. This is one of the compact mouse on our list.

Technical Details

Item Height‎39 Millimeters
Item Width‎9.5 Centimeters
Product Dimensions‎5.7 x 9.5 x 3.9 cm; 90 Grams
Item model number‎X1000
Hardware Platform‎USB
Operating System‎Windows XP
Are Batteries Included‎No


1600 DPI

Good Design


Wire Lenght

Some people don’t like a small mouse

7 Dell MS 116 Optical Wired Mouse

best mouse under 500

Dell is a very popular brand in India. Dell brand also that is producing not only laptop, desktop but they are good in making peripherals like mouse, keyboard.

Noe come to The product, dell 116, has 1000 DPI, but a more useful feature of this mouse is the design and aesthetic.

Because of its design, smooth grip it is useful for long day usage. You won’t feel any lagginess while using this mouse.

It is also one of the best mouse brands in India. The company claims that it can compatibles any system available there in the market right now.

The best thing about this dell mouse is that this mouse officially launched at 600 Indian Rupees but now it is available only under 500 rupees. You can check a better deal by using the below link.

Considering all its features, it is a great deal to grab right now and use for home/office use and basic gaming purposes.

This mouse we are considering at position 7 but overall if we see the packages/advantage of this mouse you can buy it.

Currently, this mouse is available for less than 300 Indian rupees on Amazon making this is the best mouse under 300 in India.

Verdict: Overall, it comes with great looks and budget pricing which makes it a perfect choice. You can use it for office use, designing work, and basic gaming purposes.

Technical Details

Manufacturer‎Dell India Pvt Ltd
Product Dimensions‎3 x 7 x 5 cm; 120 Grams
Item model number‎MS116-BK
Hardware Platform‎PC
Special Features‎Wired, Optical
Mounting Hardware‎Mouse/User Manual
Speaker Connectivity‎Wired
Power Source‎AC
Batteries Included‎No
Batteries Required‎No
Connector Type‎Wired
Movement Detection Technology‎Optical
Hand Orientation‎Ambidextrous
Has Auto Focus‎No
Programmable Buttons‎No


1000 DPI


Budget Price

Dell Branding



6 HP M100 Wired Gaming Optical Mouse

best wired mouse under 500

This is an HP mouse with an elegant colour design that everyone likes, talking to design it has a very bright led kind of colour strip which gives gaming mouse feeling.

Now coming to its feature it has a massive 1600 dpi rating which you can change till 1000 dpi by funding its dedicated dpi adjuster button.

Thanks to its precise optical tracking, you can use this mouse with or without a mouse pad.

You can connect this mouse with multiple devices like laptop, desktop, smartphone and devices which has USB 2.0.

It is the Best wired mouse for gaming.

Verdict: If we are talking about the HP M100, it is in an affordable price range, and you can easily change the dpi setting as per your need. It is suitable for gamers who just made a budget machine.

Item Height‎1 Centimeters
Item Width‎1 Centimeters
Product Dimensions‎1 x 1 x 1 cm; 100 Grams
Item model number‎M100
Voltage‎2 Volts
Hardware Platform‎PC
Operating System‎Windows 10
Are Batteries Included‎No

5 Ant Esports GM200W Gaming Mouse

best wired mouse under 500

AnteSports GM200W is a gaming mouse is one of the best gaming mouse that is the best mouse under 500 rupees In India.

If we talk about the AnteSports brand then it is a popular brand In Inda right now.

Thanks to its 6 programmable buttons that provide better gaming. It comes with a dedicated forward and backward button.

Even day to day internet surfing forward button and backward button highly recommended.

This little beast comes with breathable led lights which have 7 modes so you can customize your desk as per your requirement.

You can Adjust DPI using its buttons likewise 3200, 2400, 1600, 800 dpi change the speed of USB Gaming Mouse and satisfy your different needs.

Thanks to its changeable dpi setting and highest dpi which gives 3200 dpi, it has a dedicated dpi button so you can control over 800 dpi to max 3200 dpi.

If you want to change the colour, you can easily change using dpi. Each dpi setting has its RGB. It comes with a 7 button-like forward, backward, middle button.

Verdict: It is one of India’s best mouse under 500 right now. If you are planning to purchase this mouse then it provides better features in this kind of price segment. Better gaming features, Customizable dpi makes it is Best wired mouse for gaming.

Technical Details

Brand‎Ant Esports
Manufacturer‎Ant Esports
Product Dimensions‎11.7 x 6.3 x 3.8 cm; 540 Grams
Item model number‎GM200W
Operating System‎Win7, Linux, Mac os
Hardware Platform‎PC
Special Features‎Ergonomic Design
Mounting Hardware‎1 x Mouse and 1 x User Manual
Batteries Included‎No
Batteries Required‎No
Connector Type‎USB


3200 dpi

7 Dedicated Button

Braided Cable

7 Lighting modes




4 Zebronics Zeb-Clash Gaming Mouse

best mouse under 500

Zebronics is a very popular brand in India, They have lots of products like gaming console, peripherals, motherboards, PSU etc.

Zebronics have their gaming peripheral lineup in that you guys heard about the transformers series they are already popular in the market but zebronics now come up with a very beautiful mouse in India.

Coming to product zeb is beast you can use it for gaming, browsing, surfing it has USB 2.0 ports and has the functionality of connecting this mouse over all products.

Thanks to it, colourful that light gives you elegant look. It’s 6 customizable button that provides many features.

On other hand, zeb proves you best grip around corners and better looks.

Verdict: If we talk about the mouse, It is Best Wired Mouse Under 500, it provides top quality buttons, top-notch grip, and you can easily change the dpi setting as per your need.

Technical Details

Manufacturer‎Zebronics India Private Limited, Zebronics India Private Limited
Item Height‎16.5 Centimeters
Item Width‎9.6 Centimeters
Product Dimensions‎5 x 9.6 x 16.5 cm; 113 Grams
Manufacturer‎Zebronics India Private Limited
Country of Origin‎China
Item Weight‎113 g



Customizable button

LED Modes


Can’t find major cons in this price segment.

 3 HP 6VY96AA 100 Wired Mouse

best wired mouse under 500

The HP 6VY96AA 100 wired mouse is best product on the our list of the best mouse under 500 in India.

HP (Hewlett-Packard Company) is an American-based company. They are leading manufacturers of laptops, desktops, servers, computers peripherals, printers, etc.

Now coming to the opriduct ,The HP 100 has 1600 dpi rated optical sensor that workis on most of the surface and plug and play usb features provides best in class handling.

The company claimed that a person with left or right hand easily uses this mouse without a problem.

Mouse comes with the enough cable length and provided multi-device support.

Thanks to its build quality provided by the company even if you drop multiple times you can see any working problem.

Verdict: This mouse comes with exceptional handling , Looks, Build quality all of these making 3rd rank in our list of best wired mouse under 500.

Technical Details

Model‎HP Wired Mouse 100 (6VY96AA)
Product Dimensions‎6.4 x 11.7 x 3.7 cm; 90 Grams
Item model number‎HP Wired Mouse 100 (6VY96AA)
Compatible Devices‎Compatible with Desktops and Laptops
Special Features‎Wired, Optical
Mounting Hardware‎Mouse
Batteries Required‎No




Gaming Looks and Features


Not any

2 Zebronics Zeb-Transformer-M

Best Mouse Under 500

Zebronics is one of finest brand in India they have a variety of products like T & gaming peripherals, power solutions, mobile/lifestyle accessories, etc.

Now coming to the product, It designed very beautifully, ergonomics. It has a beautiful structure along with the company also focused on the colour combination of yellow and black.

It reminds The Bumblebee from The Transformers series.It is best wired mouse under 500.

Z- Transformers gives you a feature of a forward, backward button, also it has a dedicated dpi changer button so you can do your work effectively.

made for budget gamers who will setup their budget gaming setup, because all things provided by the mouse it’s just top-notch.

It has very beautiful led lights, which are customizable. It has a total of 7 breathing modes.

Verdict: it is the best gaming mouse on our list and the best-selling gaming mouse on the Amazon site. If you are looking Gaming mouse for Rs.499, then definitely you will have to buy one. It has fantastic gaming looks, ergonomic design, fast and adjustable dpi.


Best In Class

Dedicated DPI button





Looking For Number 1 Best Wired Mouse For Gaming And Best Mouse Under 500

1 Redgear A-10 Wired Gaming Mouse

best gaming mouse under 500

We have already listed some best gaming mouse also listed mouse, That you can buy this mouse under 500 price tag. So we have listed this mouse at the number 1 position.

Readgear company is china based company. It is making one of the top peripherals in the market and gamers are loving this company.

Now coming to the product, It has RGB lighting with a DPI of up to 2400.

Thanks to its design. It has a dedicated dpi button so if you change dpi automatically RGB is also changing. It has branding on the top side of the mouse.

Its other excellent features are a honeycomb design for better grip and handling, and you will get an exceptional quality grip.NO doubt it is best wired mouse under 500 rupees in India rightnow.

Verdict: Readgear’s A15 is one of the Best Wired Mouse Under 500 for gaming in India under a budget price tag. If you are planning to buy a gaming mouse under 500 then defiantly you have to consider this mouse.


HoneyComb Design


Functional Switches




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